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Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy review

4.2 / 5


COR Entertainment, LLC


800 MB available space

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Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy Review

Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy is an application developed by COR Entertainment, LLC. Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy was first published on . It is currently available on the following platforms: Steam, Other.

Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy is the first competitive VR aquarium style game, available on PC and Android. Play against your friends on dedicated servers, or play against the single player computer generated AI and progress through the game levels and get the high score. Blood and gore, and immersive atmosphere will get your heart racing - it's like Pac-Man in the sea!

It has been a tough year in the Amazon River following the nuclear winter…very little to eat, and a lot of hungry fish are looking for a meal. The migration to the sea was a long journey, but the little piranha clan persevered. At long last, they reached the mouth of the Amazon, where river meets ocean, where beautiful coral reefs and jellyfish were plentiful. They weren’t the only animals looking for food though! Hungry turtles and sharks, and even horrifying sea monsters were joining the party. Then came the first blood…and the Feeding Frenzy was on! Growing stronger with each bite, the little piranhas started seeing changes in their friends. Their flesh began to rot, and their eyes began glowing red! What could this be? What were we eating? We don’t care, we want more…more…more!

Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy

4.2 / 5

Zombie Deathrace Feeding Frenzy Logo
Author: COR Entertainment, LLC
Size: 800 MB available space

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