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Transmogrify Review

Transmogrify is an application developed by Odyssey Entertainment. Transmogrify was first published on . It is currently available on Steam, Other.

It all started while you were routinely cleaning storage room 2b in section 6. First the loud sound of a breaker tripping and then… pitch darkness, the facility locked down and the emergency lights switched on.

After a system reset, GRACE the research AI comes to your rescue. She has no memory of the events leading up the failure and informs you the specimens have all gotten free. She urges you to escape and gives you a device only labeled as Project Transmogrfiy, that turns living matter into usable tools and structures.

Was that something skittering in the air vents?

Transmogrify is an unusual 2D puzzle platformer that blends challenging action and handcrafted puzzles. You play as Chris, a janitor working at Perfect Future Laboratories. This high-tech and secretive research facility has suffered catastrophic damage. Now your only way out is through several radioactively colorful worlds infested with cute but lethal monsters. Armed only with your gun and the help of GRACE, you must transmogrify these enemies into the tools you need to solve the puzzles and escape.

Refreshingly different in its genre, Transmogrify does not shy away from cranking up the difficulty level where most puzzle platformers remain mechanically simple.

Over 75 levels are packed with fast-paced action, tons of enemies and powerups, all set to an exciting soundtrack. The player’s ability to manipulate the environment through transforming monsters into blocks, springs, floating platforms and other tools, is an innovative mechanic that is as fun as the name Transmogrify makes it sound.


4.2 / 5

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Author: Odyssey Entertainment
Size: 2 GB available space

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