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Space Battlecruiser Review

Space Battlecruiser is an app developed by Less Describable Games. Space Battlecruiser was first published on . Space Battlecruiser is currently available on the following platforms: Steam, Other.

You are the captain of a cosmic Battlecruiser, the last remaining warship in the navy. Your homeworld is lost, and surrender is no longer an option.
You and your crew have survived the void by scavenging and raiding.
Soon, with new salvaged hardware and some ingenuity, your ship and crew will be ready to take back the solar system...

Space Battlecruiser is an arcade style, top down space shooter where you control a heavily armed capital ship. Battle against squadrons of fighters, fleets of warships, heavily defended space stations, and powerful command ships. Learn to master weaponry and special abilities like the Energy Shield. Upgrade your ship with salvaged material from your victories.

Space Battlecruiser

4 / 5

Space Battlecruiser Logo
Author: Less Describable Games
Size: 300 MB available space

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