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HomeWork Is Crazy / 作业疯了 review

2.5 / 5




1 GB available space

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HomeWork Is Crazy / 作业疯了 Review

HomeWork Is Crazy / 作业疯了 is an app designed by 三脚猫. HomeWork Is Crazy / 作业疯了 was first published on . It is currently available for Steam.

Homework is Crazy is a game that simulates Chinese primary school students doing homework.

Nowadays, tutoring primary school students doing their homework has become a problem for parents. You can find many parents complaining the children’s homework is too hard for them on the Internet.
If you got a chance to return to your primary school again, face to your homework and the stress from your parents, can you solve all the questions and graduate successfully?

  • Although the game is based on reality, an interesting gameplay is also important. We designed each question as a puzzle game.
  • The game is designed from the first grade to sixth grade, players must pass the final exam to unlock the next grade.
  • We use crayon pencils to create a simple, low-aged art style, it looks simple, fresh and colorful, gives you a charming but also “painful” puzzle solving experience.
  • Challenge the puzzles with various brainwashing music;
  • If you gave a wrong answer or spend too much time on a puzzle, your parents will come to taunting you.
  • Different puzzle types covered language, math, music, art, etc. More other genres are waiting for you to challenge.
  • The mini puzzles in the game have different styles like “fill in the blank”, “connect the line”, “click on the right option” or “drag and drop”, and so on. Very easy to hands on.

HomeWork Is Crazy / 作业疯了

2.5 / 5

HomeWork Is Crazy / 作业疯了 Logo
Author: 三脚猫
Size: 1 GB available space

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